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Laurĕn De Lacy

Raised in the lush wild of Alaska Lauren has a deep roots in nature.  Her life has been filled with mountaineering, climbing, diving, and exploring nature.  After a major health crisis Lauren left the red road and embarked on a healing journey around the globe. Turning to the wisdom of her ancestral lineage she found keys to heal her body from the inside out.  

A mesa carrier of Q’euro lineage, her background includes herbalism, ceremonies, rites, initiations, nutrition, diet, kinesiology, movement, emotional alchemy, coaching and art. She has worked with and studied under many shaman, medicine men, and modern medical science experts in crafting her skills into a practice.  Offering guided meditation and vision work; movement and diet are tightly woven throughout her approach to assist the body in its healing journey.  Her vision is to assist others in their journey to conscious healing and longevity.  She guides others inward to reconstruct negative physical manifestations and access their innate strengths and abilities. Overall working with Lauren is a creative journey of the mind, soul, and body.