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When you are desperate

“You shouldn’t try so hard, desperate doesn’t look good on you honey.”

My younger brother use to say this to girls who flirted with him when he was in elementary school.

Though it was amusing, he spoke a potent truth with wisdom we could all learn from.

Desperation comes in times of great need for change, and often in harsh packaging. You can be desperate for your aspirations or change without it negatively impacting your world.

"You can be desperate for change without it negatively impacting your world. "


  • Be quiet. Stop, just stop everything. Especially the voice inside of you that is screaming, demanding change. You must find your center, calm your mind and sit inside yourself as an observer. The point you can no longer be still, is actually where you must begin.

  • Write. Stop talking to your external sources (anyone who will listen)and get all of that onto paper and out of you. It will clear your mind, and allow you to see for yourself the path out of the mess.

  • Give yourself space. You need space to digest everything that is, and process what there is still to alchemize and develop. Isolate your thoughts and condense them into a few single issues. Try and categorize them into 2-5 core primary issues. Visually sense your issues shrinking.

  • Don’t make any major decisions, if you need to think about it for more than a minute- don’t do it. You need to simplify, don’t worry about anything huge, just continue with automatic tasks you carry out daily. This is not the best space to take on new relationships or business ventures.

  • Allow yourself to be in a process, and don’t reach out for answers until you have come out of the noise and returned to your center. Remind yourself that though it feels desperate, everything is constantly changing. The desperation you feel, is just a sign of your transforming.

When you feel you must ask: ask yourself. Find the answer within your question, and sometimes all that it takes is asking what someone who loves themself would do.

Remember that you are separate from whatever is happening in your life.

You have fingernails, but you are not fingernails.

- Of Wolves and Wildflowers-


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