• Lauren


Updated: Dec 9, 2018

There was a time when my eyes shone like fire burning in space.

No limits existed and all around I knew only the abundance of love and wonderment.


So hungry for life,adventure, the sweet nectar of eagerness, and being so new.

My eyes flashed wildly with deep seated laughter and messy locks of sun kissed hair.

So messy from the wind and rain, running and jumping into the sea.

Never starved or satisfied- but always reaching within for more of the fire.

What happened?

Oh, I wish I knew.

Happened it did, though I’m not sure why.

That’s the trouble with happenings they don’t seem to have a beginning or an end.

They must run on some fire which burns greater and wilder than any divine hunger, no?

After this troublesome “happening” happened I am still this same enchanted and brave wild child… except I am hiding.

Could be that somewhere on my way I just lost more than I could give.

Could be perhaps I was naive and believed somehow I had lost when in truthfulness I never lost at all.

Maybe that is now the key;

Happenings come and the strength of their fuel matters much less than as how we respond.

If “happenings” can influence my beliefs, adjust my self value, and make me hide from the passions of my soul…

Imagine if instead of being persuaded I stood up tall, strong in my power and in my truth and shouted from the top of my voice and with all my intention


Maybe if I roared like a mighty beast- saying no words at all...

Imagine how I might persuade this “happening”

into believing in


Even, if only for that instance I could overrule this happening- I will have won.


Just think how lovely the story will become.

That is exactly what I’ll do.

I will go back in time to the scary, troublesome, no-good happening and I will ROAR.

I will.

The story- MY story is rewritten.

My fire burns brighter than 10,000 suns.

My hunger is strong.

And so it IS.

I have won.

- Of Wolves and Wildflowers -


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