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Make Love

Updated: Aug 10

Make love to yourself exactly and entirely.

Before you make love to anyone else, first you must wholeheartedly love all you are.

Make love to the anger that swells against the cracks of your broken heart.

Your shame and fear- scattered being… Meet your trembling with a sacred embrace.

All your pain and hurt - send love there.

Make love to the scars and edges of your skin, the beaten vessel which has carried you.

Love and gratitude to your cells for showing up each moment for you.

Your jaw, and its strength, paired with your unique smile.

It is your kindness, and the tender sweetness inside of you.

Strength and perseverance.

Make love to your abandoned places and forgotten parts of you.

Make love to the love you want so desperately to give away.

Send love to the places you can’t reach, not yet ready to open.

It is the anticipation of your arrival.

Learn to make peace with the entirety of your universe.

It is to live life at peace with yourself.

Recognize when love is true.

Learn to wake up each day with the love of your life, which is you.

Each moment accept the abundance of love.

Learn to love by loving yourself.

- Of Wolves and Wildflowers -

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