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When you need to breathe

Updated: Mar 2

Breathing itself is an act of surrender.

Holding the breath, whether full or empty, is an attempt to freeze. It is when we refuse what it is in front of us. We don’t accept what is happening around us.

We aren’t really breathing anyway, the atmosphere breaths us. It is a constant pressure, which fills all spaces. Meaning that even for us to take a breath, we are surrendering to a force over which we have no control. When we are born, the atmosphere rips our airway open, and surges through our lungs. At this instant the left and right sides of the heart separate into two pumps. This is why the doctors often attempt to make a newborn cry, to ensure it is breathing. The breath gradually moves from the most rapid and erratic movement, to a harmonized pace. The body finds balance between resisting and surrendering to the pressure.

Secondly, when you are born, you experience gravity for the first time and feel the weight of your body in space. You have to begin doing something immediately to nourish yourself (breathing, swallowing, sucking) in order to build postural strength (supporting your body).

Perhaps it starts as shallow, effortful gasps… but each spurt becomes longer. Gradually deepening and becomes steady. Fluid movement from the depths of the belly, through the wind pipes and out of the nose. Long slow breathing… the body has a natural rhythm which precipitates as a symphony with the atmosphere.

After all of this, one of the most fundamental and natural abilities you are a master of - is surrendering to pressure, flowing in balance, and supporting yourself. *sometimes the best way to achieve this is to cry. It really is the first thing you learned after birth.

We aren't really breathing, the atmosphere breaths us.

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Simply by breathing, I release the need to control that which is beyond my grasp. I surrender to the universal flow that is.

With each breath, I am easing myself back into rest and digest… calming my nervous system and resetting my flight and fight response. I am where I need to be. I accept that which I do not understand. I flow through life with ease and comfort. I am safe.

And so it is. And so it is.

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