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When you want love

Updated: Jan 16

What does it mean to love yourself?

For years I thought it a negative, cruel, and self absorbed concept. I was wrong. Narcissism, manipulation, and ulterior motives exist - true. There is a difference between being egotistical and having a standard for yourself.

A few basics to loving ourselves

  • Embodiment. Learn to inhabit your own skin. This is not something many are taught in Western culture, in fact we are programmed to turn off our senses.

  • Vision. Grasp your desires and ambitions. What do you want in this life and how are you preventing yourself from attaining it? Become clear with what is important to you.

  • Values. Even the non-conformist and the rebellious have values. Identify yours and why you can’t live without them.

  • Impeccability of your word. Between you and yourself. Make decisions each day and follow through with them.

  • Consciously decide to implement these findings into a standard for your life.

"We must love ourselves and take time to learn how we need to be loved. "

These simple steps will create a relationship within yourself to harbor respect, trust, and open communication. You will become in alignment and actually feel different as an individual. This is the groundwork to improve your skills in relationships with others. By setting the standard for yourself, and adhering to it, you will create a barrier between you and those who aren't your people. Simultaneously this will invite relationships with others who have dedication to themselves (love and boundaries) and respect the self dedication in you.

- Of Wolves and Wildflowers-


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