• Lauren


Updated: Jan 16

How do you dance with your shadow?

She comes now to visit; she lets herself in

without a knock on the door. You must choose

now if you will receive her. Be aware for she knows.

Is she welcomed the same if she appears as

the wolf or the lamb?

She is keen and surprising... her timing is ripe.

Representing both mastery and innocence

which she will teach.

Have you shown her you are reliable and does she

know you to be?

You mustn't shut her out, no matter her request.

Can you hold her and let her rage,

play, or break? You must trust and allow

her to take up space.

Does she ask you to hold a melody for

her to stomp and shake?

When the time comes you must rock her to

sleep. She is the collective of all

that is mighty, terrified, powerful, and weak.

Responsibility falls solely to you now. Do you

celebrate her for all that she is?

She has come bearing gifts of your labors.

She needs to be seen and yearns for your favor.

Where is her feast and place at the table?

- Of Wolves and Wildflowers -


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