Lauren has a tremendous capacity as a healer to hold a space while directing energy in a positive flow.  She has all of her spiritual senses open and is a grounded, caring, and heart-centered presence with a genuine desire to help.  Lauren's in-depth understanding of personal development as well as her desire to help you reconnect with your higher self, make her your go-to person on your spiritual journey.  She is a true healer and a blessing to everyone that she serves.  I highly recommend her services to everyone at any stage of their journey.


I found Lauren while I was deep in a struggle and She pulled me out of it.   Her approach to conscious healing is like entering our own selves like a story we are writing.  The amount of support I felt in our sessions was profound.  In our sessions I was able to let go and sort out my shadow.  She left me with lifelong tools I can use to edit my story along the way.  Thank you Lauren.


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